Low vision is the term used to describe significant visual impairment that can’t be corrected fully with glasses, contact lenses, medication or eye surgery.

It includes:-

  1. Loss of best-corrected visual acuity(BCVA) to worse than 6/18 in the better eye.
  2. Significant visual field loss ( less than 10° from the point of fixation)

Visually impaired children may have learning problems that require special instruction and they need help for developing socialization skills.

Vision loss in childs, adults and senior citizens can be particularly traumatic, leading to frustration and depression, losing the ability to drive safely, read  quickly, watch television etc.

Eye Forte has special clinic of low vision and the specialist optometrist gives trial of low visual aid to the patient keeping their occupation and requirements into account. We make the patient able to continue their  job and to lead their life as before happily and satisfactorily.

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