VT-6E manual phoropter

VT-6E Manual Vision Tester
(A) Measuring range:
(1) SPH: 0.00D ~ -19.00D (-0.25D) steps
+ 0.25D~ +16.75 D(+0.25D) steps
(2)CYL: 0.00D ~ -6.00D (-0.25D) steps (with additional lens of -2.00D, the CYL power can be up to -8.00D
(3)AXIS: 0º – 180º
(4)P.D: 50mm – 78mm( in 1mm steps)
(B)Auxiliary Lenses:
(1) Occluder
(2) P.D Check
(3) Pinhole Plate(1mm)
(4) Polarizing: right eye 135º left Eye 45º
(5) Red/Green :Filters( right eye : red left eye: green)
(6) Dissolution prism: Right eye 6Δ B/U Left eye 10Δ B/I
(7) Maddox Rod: Right eye red horizontal/ vertical left eye white vertical/horizontal
(8) Fixed Cross Cylinder: ±0.50D
(9) Retinoscope: +1.50D
(C) Rotary Cross Cylinder lens: ±0.25D
(D) Rotary Prism:0Δ ~ 20Δ (1Δ steps)
(E) Dimension & Weight:
(1) Main body: 330(W) × 400(D) × 100(H) mm
(2) Carton:430(W) × 530(D) × 200(H) mm
(3) N.W: 5.1kg
(4) G.W: 7.5kg

(1) LED illuminated readings for sphere and cylinder powers
(2) Dial plated with luminous effect,easy to see the readings in the dark
(3) Horizontal level is easy to observe with built-in reflector
(4) Power source: DC 9V(3V×3 Pieces of Battery)
(5) Equipped with comprehensive measuring functions, provide SPH, CYL,AXIS and pupil distance optometry
(6) -Durable and easy to operate
(7) Easily and intuitively read the sphere focal scale value
(8) High eco-friendly material
(9) Desin fitting the face curve ad no stimulation
(10) Easy to take and clean

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